What’s Brewing Today?

Fake Theology

Time for another Sunday amusing.  But as I am sure you are finding, what appears to be amusing at first, may not be after all.  Read on.

Arlo & Janis 2

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine – Source unknown.

We both laugh and complain about change.  Yet this quote has it all wrong.  There is something else, or rather someone else, who does not change:

Malachi 3:6 – “I the LORD do not change” (NIV 1984).

My Musing – But sometimes it sure seems like it, when you consider what passes for right and wrong nowadays.  Still God has not changed.  And neither has mankind.  We are still looking for ways to twist God’s moral standards to suit our own needs and desires.  We recreate God in our own image and accept “fake theology” as a substitute for  the truth.  As Christians. we must relentlessly guard God’s truth, hide it in our hearts and share it with others with gentleness and respect.  Because, despite what Arlo might say, change is a big deal if we are changing what God says.

But there is so much of this fake theology out there, that we have to ask ourselves how can we be relentless in guarding the truth? Continue reading “What’s Brewing Today?”

A Spirit-Led Lifestyle


Step 3 – A Spirit-Led Lifestyle
“I will put My Spirit in you and move you to follow My decrees and be careful to keep My laws.” (Ezekiel 36:27)

A: Discovering the Truth

Spirit 1

The Holy Spirit is perhaps the least understood and the most unappreciated person of the Trinity. But He is just as much part of the Godhead as is the Father and the Son. He is a personal being, not some impersonal force or vague presence. To believers, He plays an indispensable role. So much so, Continue reading “A Spirit-Led Lifestyle”

Grow In Holiness

Grow In Holiness

Leviticus 11:44“I am the Lord your God, consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am Holy.” (NIV 1978)

My Musing – We cannot be holy in the absolute sense that God is. But we should make every effort to develop in holiness as we grow in Christ.

My Advice – You were saved by grace. That secured your salvation and made you a son of God. That is your position which cannot change. Now, be an imitator of God and of His holiness, as you grow in the faith. This is your character, which develops over time.

Honoring God

Honoring God

Leviticus 10:3“Among those who approach me I will show myself holy; in the sight of the people I will be honored.” (NIV 1978)

My Musing – Even though we are sons and daughters and even though we have Jesus as an intercessor we should respect and honor God.

My Advice – Do not be so casual with God that you dishonor Him. Do not take Him for granted. While we can boldly approach His “throne of grace,” we should still be respectful and consider His holiness.

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Leviticus 5:1If a person sins because he does not speak up when he hears a public charge to testify regarding something he has seen or learned about, he will be held responsible. (NIV 1978)

My Musing – We are responsible not only for our actions, but also our inaction. For the things we should do but do not do. We may not always be able to make a difference, but that is not the point. We certainly cannot make a difference if we do not try.

My Advice – Be involved. Make a difference when you can, and at least try even if it is unlikely that your efforts will make a difference. You are not responsible for making a difference, but you are for trying to make a difference.

Give Willingly

Give Willingly

Exodus 35:21And everyone who was willing and whose heart moved him came and brought an offering to the Lord. (NIV 1978)

My Musing – We should give willingly as we are moved by God to do so. Sometimes we are moved but we give grudgingly or guiltily. Or we give when God is not moving us to give. Both need to be present.

My Advice – Be careful of the cause that you give your time, talent and money to. It may not be a cause that God is calling you to. But when He does call you, make sure you give willingly. Otherwise it is an empty and worthless gesture.



Exodus 34:26“Bring the best of the first-fruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God.” (NIV 1978)

My Musing – Too many times God gets the leftovers. Rarely does He get best of the first. We make sure our needs are met then we give from what is left, if we give anything at all.

My Advice – There will be times that it seems you do not have enough to give God and still meet your needs. This may be time, money or something else. These will be the times that test your faith the most. Give to God your best and first anyway. He’ll take care of making sure your needs are met. You will find that there is time and money left for the really important things after all.