Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

He guides me along the right paths…even though I walk through the darkest valley.  (Psalm 23:3–4, NIV 2011). 

My Musings – I know I am ignoring the punctuation and linking two seemingly unrelated thoughts (sentences) into one, but I think it fits.  Just because our journey takes us through some dark places at times, as long as He is our guide, He is taking us on the right path.  It may be (mostly likely will be) hard for us to understand at times, but when He is in control (as He always is) we don’t need to understand — just trust.  Godly character is being developed in times like these.

My Advice – “Fear no evil.”  Following close behind even the “darkest valley” is “goodness and mercy all the days of [our lives].”  All the days.  Because He is a good shepherd.