Outer Fringes

Job 25:14 – “And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him!

My Musings – Read the verses that precede this one and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the creative genius and majesty of God. Then consider that it is only a tiny fraction of what and who He really is. If there ever was a good use of the word awesome, this is it.

My Advice – Make sure your prayer life is more than just requests. Thank Him when He answers your prayers. Praise Him just for the sake of doing so. Acknowledge His awesome power and might.


Teach God?

Job 21:22 – “Can anyone teach knowledge to God, since He judges even the highest?” (NIV 1978)

My Musings – We live in a time where the wisdom of God is challenged on every front. Mankind has the audacity to presume that God has it wrong and they have it right. There is no pleasure in knowing that they will find out the truth someday.

My Advice – Do not follow the wisdom of the world. You will know in your heart what the truth of the matter is because the Holy Spirit lives in you. Follow your heart.

Justice Will Come

Job 21:7 – “Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?

My Musings – It seems like the good die young and the evil grow old. The good grow weaker with less influence in the world and the evil gain more power and exert greater influence. If this life was all there were, this would be very disheartening. But compared to eternity it is nothing.

My Advice – Do not be dismayed when you see evil prevail. It will not always be so. God is just. In the end, justice will prevail and all wrongs made right.

Fleeting Shadows, Enduring Impact

Job 14:1 – “Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He springs up like a flower and withers away; like a fleeting shadow, he does not endure.” (NIV 1978)

My Musings – We feel so self-important at times, but there have been many people throughout history of greater worth. Yet their time is gone. Like us they spring up and wither away. The difference is in the impact they made while they were here. We will not endure, but we should try to live a life that leaves an impact and that endures long after we are gone.

My Advice – Make the most of the time that you have. When you are young, with your whole life ahead of you, it may seem like you have all the time in the world. When you are older, looking back, you wonder where the years went. Be able to look back with few regrets of moments that were lost or wasted.

God Is God, and We Are Not

Job 11:7-9 – “Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty? They are higher than the heavens-what can you do? They are deeper than the depths of the grave-what can you know? Their measure is longer than the earth and wider than the sea.” (NIV 1978)

My Musings – God is God and we are not. Why is it that we spend so much time questioning Him and doubting Him?

My Advice – Be humble before God. Do not question His truth, His righteousness, His love, His holiness or His motives.

When The Truth Hurts

Job 6:25 – “How painful are honest words!” (NIV 1978)

My Musings – The truth does not always come sugar-coated. Often it is the other way around – lies are sugar-coated to hide the bitter taste.

My Advice – Sometimes the truth will hurt. But it will still be the truth. Listen to and follow the truth, no matter how painful. Often we have to endure the pain in order to achieve the gain.

Consistent In Praise

Job 1:21 – “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” (NIV 1978)

My Musings – For most of us we act as if God must earn our praise by making things good for us or by giving us blessings. Rare is the individual who will be consistent in His praise of God no matter what fortunes may come their way.

My Advice – Whether times are good or whether they are not so good, be consistent in your praise of God.