Season’s Greetings

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My Musings – Over the years Christmas traditions have slowly eroded, the victims of commercialism, cynicism and political “correctness.” Not that the Christmas story has lost its relevance or is no longer significant. Or that its meaning is no longer needed or has gone out of style. On the contrary, the need has never been greater or more urgent. But unless we overcome the commercialism and cynicism and look past the political correctness, unless we reach beyond tradition, the birth of the Christ child remains a quaint little story lost among the glitz and glitter of the season, or just one more holiday tradition that must “coexist” with all the others. To do so, we must understand that the season of His birth, “a time to be born”, was the beginning of the season of His death, “a time to die”, in order that He might save His people from their sin.

My Advice – I’ll have to admit that I too have been known to get bent out of shape when others say “Season’s Greetings” rather than “Merry Christmas.”  Don’t these people know that Jesus is the “reason for the season?”  Well, maybe they don’t.  It could be that they are adversarial to Christianity, but maybe they are just lost and in need of direction?

Rather than respond in irritation or anger, perhaps we should do our best to explain what Season’s Greetings means to us:  The birth (“a time to be born“) of the Christ child (Merry Christmas), who came into this world to bear our guilt and shame by dying (“a time to die“) on the cross and being raised from the dead (Happy Easter), so we can be born again and overcome the second death.  Let’s try not to lecture the lost.  Let’s try speaking the truth in love.  That’s how we can truly show the spirit of the Season’s.

Over the next few days we will explore how the “season” of His birth connects with the “season” of His death.

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