Let’s Be Fair?

My Musings – “Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.” –Oscar Wilde.  “It’s not fair” is something I heard a lot from my son Joel when he was growing up.  About things that seemed important then, but pretty minor when compared to the things encountered as an adult.

God, more often than not, is blamed for the things we believe are unfair, because we cannot comprehend why a just God would allow injustice in His creation.  “If God is so just, how can He allow _______________.” You fill in the blank.  We conveniently forget that God’s creation, in its original state and intent was “very good.”  What is not good, what we perceive as being unfair, is the result of mankind’s failings.

Another quote, from an unknown source is “life is unfair, then you die.”  That is when we really, truly do not want what is fair or deserved.  We want mercy (not getting what we deserve) and grace (getting what we do not deserve).  And God offers us this.  But many still see this as unfair.  “It would be unfair if God only provided one path to mercy and grace.”  

My Advice – Go for mercy and grace, not what would otherwise be just and fair.