No Holds Barred

“I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold on me, but the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.” (John 14:29–31, NIV 1984).

My Musings – The first Adam was commanded about one thing he must not do. But the deceiver “[had] hold on [him]” and paradise was lost. For a time. The second Adam had the only command that could restore paradise. The tempter was thwarted many times in his attempt to prevent it from being carried out. With God in human flesh, susceptible to being “tempted in every way, just as we are” (Hebrews 4:15, NIV 1984), he might have thought he had a chance. But…

He had “no hold on [Jesus]” as He resolutely faced the cross. Jesus had at his “disposal more than twelve legions of angels” (Matthew 26:53, NIV 1984), to prevent what the “prince of this world” could not prevent. But Jesus knew “it must happen in this way” (Matthew 26:54, NIV 1984), for there was no other way.

He had “no hold on [Him]” to keep Him in the grave, because “[He had the] authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again” (John 10:18, NIV 1984). “It” being His life. For. “if Christ has not been raised, [our] faith is futile; [we] are still in [our] sins” (1 Corinthians 15:17, NIV 1984). It had to happen this way too.

My Advice“This command I received from my Father…but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18, NIV 1984). Like the first Adam, though commanded, He had a choice. “But [so] world [would] learn that [He loved] the Father and that [He does] exactly what my Father “commands Him]” He was obedient and “humbled himself and became obedient to death— even death on a cross!” (Philippians 2:8, NIV 1984).

Much of the world has learned, though much of the world still needs to be reached. But learning and accepting are not the same. The question is, what have you done (will you do), with this knowledge? Like the two Adams, you must make a choice. Paradise restored is dependent on what you choose for yourself.

Author: thebrewisamusing

I was raised in a Christian family and my earliest childhood memories include regular Sunday school and Church attendance as a family. I was taught that our Judeo-Christian values were not just a part of our Sunday routine they should be part of our character and influence all aspects of our lives. I was also taught that as important as these values were they could not save us. We must also be “born again” by accepting Christ.

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