Proved Right

“For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and “sinners.”’ But wisdom is proved right by her actions.” (Matthew 11:18–19, NIV 1984).

My Musings – This kind of reminds me of the political climate in my own country (the United States) these days, except for one thing. Both wisdom and action are in short supply. But I digress.

Wisdom – The ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

Action – The process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

What I glean from this is that wisdom cannot be separated from action, but action is often separated from wisdom. “You foolish [unwise] man, do you want evidence that faith [wisdom] without deeds is useless?” (James 2:20, NIV 1984). It is, by definition.

“However glorious an action in itself, it ought not to pass for great if it be not the effect of wisdom and intention.” (Francois De La Rochefoucauld).

My Advice“Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.” (James 2:18, NIV 1984). Prove your faith and your wisdom by your actions. For each are of little value without the other.

Author: thebrewisamusing

I was raised in a Christian family and my earliest childhood memories include regular Sunday school and Church attendance as a family. I was taught that our Judeo-Christian values were not just a part of our Sunday routine they should be part of our character and influence all aspects of our lives. I was also taught that as important as these values were they could not save us. We must also be “born again” by accepting Christ.

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